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education01All college campuses feature Wi-Fi networks throughout their facilities. Wireless is mission-critical for instructional content, classroom programming, and overall lifestyle. The speed and integrity of the Wi-Fi network is a key selling point for many campuses when they are recruiting students.

Campuses with many buildings of various ages and construction, and a mix of venues from large stadiums to individual residences, create unique challenges for wireless network designers. Typically, 100% wireless coverage and uptime is expected. Many of the building are essentially open to the public, so physically protecting APs is important.

Mounting Equipment in High-Tech Classrooms

Mount Apple TV, Projectors, and more with Model 1074-PROJ

Classrooms and conference rooms everywhere are being equipped with high definition multimedia projectors and multimedia gateways, such as the Apple TV®, Roku®, and the Google TVTM platform. This technology enables students and participants to wirelessly share content with everyone in the room through the multimedia gateway. The old-fashioned podium with a VGA plug for the instructor is quickly going away. Protecting the investment in new interactive, multimedia education and training is mission-critical.

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  • A/V Equipment

    Increasingly, campuses are using Apple TV and other Internet Gateway products for enhanced multi-media capabilities in the classroom. These items should be secured along with projectors and A/V equipment. Oberon offers zone enclosures which are designed to secure Apple TV, projector, APs, and other A/V gear in the ceiling of the classroom where it is needed.
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