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retailMost hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces now have a Wi-Fi network for internal business processes and guest use.  Wireless is mission-critical for inventory and order processing, and guests will expect reliable wireless Internet access. The speed and integrity of the Wi-Fi network is key for many businesses, and will only become more vitally important to the business in the future.

The wireless network should be professionally designed and installed with appropriate regard to wireless coverage and physical security. Due to highly publicized security breaches in retail, APs should be locked up to prevent unauthorized access. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) requirement 9.1.3 states that the operator must “Restrict physical access to wireless access points, gateways, and handheld devices.”

Examples of Hospitality & Retail Installations

Wireless Access Point Mounting Solutions for Hospitality & Retail Environments - (.pdf)


Hotel Wi-Fi is very common and guests expect to find strong wireless signals in all rooms, lobbies, and meeting areas. Oberon offers a number of solutions for securing APs, including recess ceiling mounts (Model 1065), and suspended ceiling mounts.


APs are often installed throughout the restaurant to provide effective coverage. Oberon offers a number of solutions to help designer/installer blend the AP into the environment, including paintable wall mount enclosures (Model 1016) and paintable vanity covers.


Retail environments will see growth in their Wi-Fi traffic as point of sale applications grow and Facebook Wi-Fi becomes prevalent. Oberon offers a number of solutions for professional, secure placement of APs in retail environments, such as aesthetic suspended ceiling enclosures.


Wireless Access Point Mounting Solutions & Enclosures

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