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Retrofit Doors and Trims

for Oberon Enclosures

Oberon offers a wide variety of retrofit doors for 104X, 105X, and 107X series wireless LAN access point enclosures. These retrofit doors permit simple upgrades to new wireless equipment and antennas in installed enclosures. The existing door can be easily removed and replaced with the new retrofit door, and the solution is still UL listed and plenum-rated.

Models 1040, 1042,
1043, and 1044
  Model 1046

Retrofit Trim Piece
Retrofit Doors
Oberon Model 1044-00 exploded view   Oberon Model 1046 closed
 Model 1047

 Model 1052

Retrofit Doors
Retrofit Doors
Oberon Model 1047-LPDOME   Model1052-00-closed
 Models 1075, 1076,
and 1077
Retrofit Doors
Model1077-AP225 Closed    
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